For Recruiters 
This is an area devoted to agencies and companies which advertise architecture jobs on to allow them to manage their job advertisements. If you wish to advertise with and access the list of services we offer, please contact us. 

For Candidates and New Users 
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Recruiters use our database to search for candidates to match to architecture jobs. In order to be found you need to build your candidate profile, create or upload your CV and make sure it is set on ‘Public’. You can choose what you want to be seen, by using the options provided at the end of the form. 

Personal Details 
So recruiters can contact you about your architecture job opportunity - you need to specify your preferred means of communications so you should choose those from these options

  • Home phone - Number you can be reached on outside working hours.
  • Mobile phone - Number you can be reached on during working hours. 
  • SMS stands for Short Message Service check this box to allow recruiters to contact you by text.
  • Country of residence - Select your country of domicile.
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  • Email - this is pre-populated with the email address you applied online with.

Attach your CV having read the notes around CV writing 
CVs must be a MS Word (*.doc), MS Word 2007 (*.docx), Rich Text Format (*.rtf) or Acrobat (*.pdf) file and should be no larger than 200k.

Work experience help

Sector experience 
Tick all relevant options that show the areas of your experience. 

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Select the number of years that most closely matches how long you have been working. 

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The title of your current role or job 

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List as many relevant skills as possible using drop down menus where appropriate 

Education help 

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List your academic achievements 

Next move

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Select your eligibility options 

Privacy options 
The Jobseeker Profile privacy options allow you to choose what recruiters can see on your profile 

Jobs by email 
This setting enables you to set up a regular feed of architecture jobs vacancies to be sent to you by email. Hit the 'create a new jobs by email alert' to set up a new email alert. Choose from lists to pick the information most relevant to your search, and add a keyword to help narrow down the search.' View sample results' will show you the current results of that search. When you are satisfied hit the "activate jobs by email" button. 

My applications 
This section stores any construction jobs you have applied for online, linking to the job description, the company and your vacancy application date. 

Change account details 
To change your login click on the 'Change your details' link, you can change the email address you are using to log in and have emails sent to and your password. There are also your marketing options, with a check box next to each statement, hit the 'submit' button when you have finished. 

Closes your user sessions using the 'logout' button at the top of the page. 

Closing your Account 
If you get that dream architecture job you may wish to close your account or remove your information, click on the 'Close my account' link and follow the instructions - your account will be closed, and your data will be deleted. We would really like you to stay with us - if you have a problem which you think we could solve do email us direct under the contacts section.

Job search page 
The home page contains the job search form. The form has several elements, all of which are optional. 

Keyword box 
Use keywords to search, using words relating to the job title or description what you are looking for. 

Pick lists 
There are several pre-populated lists from which you can choose criteria to narrow down your search. Then hit 'search now' to get your results. 

Results page 
All live vacancies matching your criteria will be displayed on this page. 

They are displayed in rows providing

  • Job title - click on it to view the job details
  • Summary of the job description
  • The advertiser’s name
  • The location of the job
  • Sector - this is the area of the architecture industry that the advertiser has described the job is in.
  • A description of the salary
  • Contract type (FT/PT/FTC etc)
  • Job posting date

New search 
Try a different search if you didn’t find what you were looking for. 

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If you are a registered user, click on this link to save the job search you have just made and flag that you would like to be sent jobs that match these criteria. 

Job details page 
This page contains the job description and contact details for each advertised job. 

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This returns you to your list of results. 

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This emails a link that will send the architecture job you are viewing to a friend. 

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